Yelena and Vladimir Polezhayev, Co-founders and Artistic Directors
of the Concert Festival International Competition,
Members of Associated Music Teachers League and
Steinway Educational Partners.

After graduating from St. Petersburg Conservatory (Russia)
Yelena and Vladimir have taught at both St. Petersburg & Moscow
Conservatories. In 1990 the Polezhayev Family moved
to the United States and started their own Music School
in Sea Cliff, New York.

Besides teaching a Classical Piano, Vladimir gives instructions
in Composition, Improvisation and Jazz Piano.

“We encourage our students of all ages and levels to not only learn
how to play piano, but also comprehend music theory and history,
as well as, develop appreciation for the arts.

Every year our students successfully participate in NYSSMA
auditions and at the end of each semester they show
their achievements at the
School Recital.

Students that show real commitment and promise have the unique
opportunity to participate in the Concert Festival Competitions
and as a result of the audition perform at the best Concert Halls of
New York City including the pinnacle of achievement Carnegie Hall”.